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ICAD 2015 has left the building

ICAD 1_Final Set 073115

All 61 index cards, pinned and clipped to the incredibly purple wall next to the art table in the workroom.

Last year — the first time I did ICAD — I was acutely aware of the need to build the habit of doing a card every day through June and July.  I was glad to have Tammy’s lists of prompts and themes as anchors — ideas that I could count on to help me come up with something when my own thoughts couldn’t pin anything down.

This year was different. I knew I could do it; I realized that there was nothing in the challenge that required my daily output to mean anything to anyone but myself. The cards didn’t have to be gorgeous or skillful — they didn’t even have to be good. I used this year’s ICAD as a chance to try new things, to have a new look at old things, sometimes to simply play.

I rarely used the daily prompts; if I liked a theme I went with it for as long as it appealed to me. I played with paints and textures, colors and line. I snipped words and images from magazines and books. I made marks with pens and whatever else seemed like it could, well, make the sort of marks I wanted to make.  I sometimes worked in silence, but more often than not at least semi-aware of the TV on somewhere nearby — in fact, the last couple of weeks I’ve been consciously working interesting bits of dialogue into text.

I’ve learned a bit more about letting go, and I’ve become a little better at recognizing what’s important to me. And I know that creating — making — every day is at the very center of that.


Warming up

I’ll be joining Daisy Yellow’s Index-Card-A-Day Challenge, which starts on June 1st and doing a little pre-challenge prep seemed to be a good idea.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be sticking to good-old 3 by 5 cards — the area is big enough but not too big, they’re easier to to carry with me than 4 by 5s, and already have a decent-sized stash (I’m a back-to-school sales junkie…)  Did a little experimenting on a 3 by 5 earlier in the week — mandala (of course), some playing around with colored pencil shading for greater dimension:


My to-do list for the weekend includes clearing away the mess of stuff stashed under, over and generally around the drawing table under the window in my workroom. I’ve been using the big utility for drawing and painting; it needs to go back into service as a cutting and construction surface for my sewing and fiber projects. If nothing else, the start of this year’s ICAD challenge is giving me an extra incentive to finally get this done.