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Tangent #4: Grid

DY Grid croppedI’ve started a new art journal in an old children’s book. The heavy cardboard pages are just right for messing around with paints — they don’t bend or curl, which means I can really slap it on and work things over and over and over again if that seems to be the right thing to do.

My response to Daisy Yellow’s 4th Tangent tutorial, is this grid collage, painted over a two-page spread,  It’s probably a little neater and controlled than directed by the tutorial, but a lot less so than my typical comfort zone. I used bright blue and yellow Cray-Pas to make the smudgy edges — from an ancient box in my stash, originally a gift from my father, who passed away 30 years ago.


New Series: Obsolete Business Card Project

The final days of Daisy Yellow’s ICAD challenge coincided with a milestone in my personal one:  a long-awaited promotion at work. Beyond new expectations and responsibilities, this also meant…new business cards! So I found myself most of a box of now-obsolete cards with my old title, which coincided with discovery of a box of business thank-you notes left behind in a drawer by a former occupant of my office, also now obsolete. (The notes, not the former occupant — I’m sure he’s fully functional, somewhere.)

This serendipity provided the inspiration for the Obsolete Business Card project, hereafter known as OBCs. They’re at once larger and smaller than ICADS, and seem to work best when the two parts are distinct yet conected.

OBC 1a cropped

OBC #1 [like to play]

Dylusion spray inks, Sharpie, magazine/postcard snippings, prepped background snipping (watercolor pencils?), pre-inked stamp, tulle.

ICAD — Catching up#1: The Necessary Roughness Set

Well, I’ve done it again, and now I need to do what I always do — catch back up again. I have been keeping up with my ICADs, but posting them? Not so much…

ICAD 2014 July Necessary Roughness Set

This is a set I did earlier in the month, playing with texture, and purposefully avoiding the use of black fine point markers and colored pencils (my go-to media.)  Instead, the Necessary Roughness set includes lots of paint, stamping (including stamping directly from the pad), magazine page paste-up, and even a card I turned into a little loom and wove with bits of yarns and thread. I’ll have to admit the last is my favorite — it’s even go me thinking about doing some weaving on a larger scale (and drooling over looms.)


ICAD 22 – 28 Chasing Rainbows

A boost of color seemed just what I needed, so I opted to go with Daisy Yellow’s suggested theme for the week, Rainbow Love. I’m really happy with the results.

Haiku and bubble mandalas in Sharpie pen and colored pencils, “over the rainbow” half-mandala in Stabilo markers, no-drawing-at-all rainbow of chairs, mixed media rainbow Medusa and “make your own rainbow” ladies, craft acrylic painted Paramecium Party (I was aiming for paisleys, but they wanted to be something else so I went with it…)Image