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ICAD 2014: #61 One Last Mandala

This one’s self-explanatory…

ICAD 2014 # 61_The Last Mandala - Cropped

Thanks, Tammy Garcia!


ICAD 2014: Catching Up #2: Mandala Set

Even though I tried a lot of different things this month, mandalas will probably always be the thing I draw for concentration, meditation, for bringing myself to a place of safety and serenity.  Here’s a some of the mandala ICADs I did in July — I dated many of them prominently because I was trying to keep track of the days when I really needed what they bring me.

ICAD 2014 July Mandala Set

ICAD — Catching up#1: The Necessary Roughness Set

Well, I’ve done it again, and now I need to do what I always do — catch back up again. I have been keeping up with my ICADs, but posting them? Not so much…

ICAD 2014 July Necessary Roughness Set

This is a set I did earlier in the month, playing with texture, and purposefully avoiding the use of black fine point markers and colored pencils (my go-to media.)  Instead, the Necessary Roughness set includes lots of paint, stamping (including stamping directly from the pad), magazine page paste-up, and even a card I turned into a little loom and wove with bits of yarns and thread. I’ll have to admit the last is my favorite — it’s even go me thinking about doing some weaving on a larger scale (and drooling over looms.)


ICAD 22 – 28 Chasing Rainbows

A boost of color seemed just what I needed, so I opted to go with Daisy Yellow’s suggested theme for the week, Rainbow Love. I’m really happy with the results.

Haiku and bubble mandalas in Sharpie pen and colored pencils, “over the rainbow” half-mandala in Stabilo markers, no-drawing-at-all rainbow of chairs, mixed media rainbow Medusa and “make your own rainbow” ladies, craft acrylic painted Paramecium Party (I was aiming for paisleys, but they wanted to be something else so I went with it…)Image

ICAD #14 – 21

The cards from Thursday (Ker-Pow!) and Saturday (Arrows/Repeating Pattern) were definitely influenced by the helluva week I’ve had.


Both in my go-to/security blanket black fine-point marker and colored pencils — in the case of the Arrows, a different pencil for each.

Here’s the cards from the remainder of the week: Magenta Gingham (memories of a favorite dress from my childhood); M Is For Magenta Mandala (because I love the color too much to stop at just one); “89” (idea for repainted our mailbox, which is in dire need); Another At-Work Mandala (like I said, helluva week); Peek-a-boo Polka Dots (inspired by this quilt tutorial), and Rainbow Blanket (In which I decide to be an early adopter of week 4 theme).  All fine-point marker and colored pencils except for the first set — two tones of magenta acrylic paint for both, white paint pen for the mandala.


ICAD 2014 #12 and #13

Still using the Week 2 daily prompts from Daisy Yellow :

#12 Paisley:  A single motif, begun as a conference call doodle, finished when it ran off the edges of the card.  [Sharpie pen…and that’s all]Image

#13 Book review: I went with a sort of pre-book review — an editor’s rejection letter to Ursula LeGuin for The Left Hand of Darkness (a book that changed the way I looked at the world and one of my long-time favorites).  Particularly scathing phrases picked out, and offset Samuel Beckett’s famous “fail better” advice.  [printed text, color sticks]


ICAD 2014 #9, #10 and #11

With less time to think, this week I’ve been using the ICAD prompts — and making positive progress in my quest to be satisfied with the less-than-perfect.  No much of a let-up in sight, so — as they say in my office — the trend is likely to continue.

#9 Alphabet/ABC [Traveling art kit: Flair and fine tip sharpie pens, colored pencils]


#10 The Beatles/Blackbird (one of my favorite lyrics) [Flair pen and found image]


#11 (Mandala with) toy camera scramble [Sharpie pen and colored pencil]