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ICAD 2014 #4 Step It Up!

More cut-up-and-pasted magazine scraps with text reminder to keep moving ahead in new directions — plus a single strip of washi tape to remind me to not rule anything out. Despite seeing other people having so much fun with it, washi tape has never seemed quite me — until I saw this silver and black tiger print and knew I had to buy it. (Suspect this is how washi addiction gets started…)



Bluebirds: Not-Quite-Mandala


(Black Sharpie pen, colored pencils)

Early mornings on the coldest days of recent weeks, a flock of bluebirds gathered in the tree in front of our kitchen window, waiting their turns at the suet feeder. (Okay, so they were bluebirds, which means they didn’t exactly wait their turn — more like flung themselves toward the feeder at the merest hint of an opening.)  I spent way too much time thinking about what to do with the image and the colors, then finally started just drawing. This started out to be less of a mandala than it ended up, and along the way, as I colored in the shapes and added details, a haiku formed inside my mind.