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Tangent #10: Icon Grids (+ Tangent)

Last weekend’s trip to the real art supply store also yielded a new trio of pens: Sakura Gelly Roll, Glaze, and Souffle, all in white.  I really like working in white on a dark background, and had recommendations for all. The latest post in Daisy Yellow’s Tactics and Tangents series gave me the perfect framework — and as usual, I took yet another tangent off of that.  DY Icon Grid + Tangent

On the left, the “pure” interpretation, albeit at a slightly larger-than-suggested grid size– just under a half inch — using mostly typographic characters as the icons. And on the right, my tangent-off-the-tangent, each grid filled with a unique pattern.

The final verdict on the white pens:  Gelly Roll is easy to use, goes on stark white and is in first place as go-to white pen; Souffle starts out transparent/barely visible, finishes with less distinct almost chalk-like appearance, suggesting subtle possibilities; Glaze starts out nearly invisible, finishes white but transparent, not sure when I will use but pretty certain I will.


Tangents #7: Pattern Grids

This last Daisy Yellow Tangents and Tactics exercise was a bit addicting, so I ended up doing it twice in over the weekend. Once in Black & White, using my fattest chisel-tip Sharpies, plus my new favorite dip pen and white ink for the text on a single cut-from-a magazine-page shiny black square. (Note to the observant:  The over-sized initial letter of text was not intentional; the ink blobbed because I forgot to check the flow, and I decided it would become the pen-and-ink equivalent of have lemons, make lemonade.)

DY B&W Pattern Grid cropped

The color version had an added element of experimentation. Cruising the after-back-to-school clearance racks at a local Target, I came across a set of Yoobi markers, promising that they would be used to draw over each other for patterns that would not bleed. I hadn’t any idea what that could mean — I draw over things all the time with markers to make patterns without bleeding — but they were marked down to $1.48, and who can resists a whole set of chubby markers for under a buck and a half? I thought I’d try them for a color version of the pattern grid tangent — and was absolutely blown away! Five “step 1” super-bright color markers — lime green, orange, red, magenta, and purple — plus a couple of “step 2” markers that were colorless until used over the step 1 markers, changing those into another color completely.  No way to do these justice but on a solid black background.

Flashback to the Psychedelic Sixties, anyone? (Click on image for full effect; click again on details if you dare…)

DY Color Pattern Grid cropped

(Warm up for) Tangent #6: Quirky Girls

DY Girl Face practice gridFollowing Daisy Yellow’s tutorial, an index card grid of hastily-sketched girl female faces.  I can’t change the name of the exercise, but in my head, these are not only girls — there are a bunch of women up there as well. I think the one in the fifth column, middle row looks the most like me — my chubby nose and the “but I am smiling” expression on my face in most photographs.

…And the next one

I know, I know — I’m a mandala-holic. They’re my go-to, fall-back, and place-of-comfort. This one’s from Monday night, after a busy day of meetings in the city, a long commute home, tired and still not able to fall asleep.

LastNightsMandala 080514

Right now I like it the way it is, but I’m still not sure if it’s done. The more I look at it, the more I’m leaning to leaving it alone.

ICAD 2014 #9, #10 and #11

With less time to think, this week I’ve been using the ICAD prompts — and making positive progress in my quest to be satisfied with the less-than-perfect.  No much of a let-up in sight, so — as they say in my office — the trend is likely to continue.

#9 Alphabet/ABC [Traveling art kit: Flair and fine tip sharpie pens, colored pencils]


#10 The Beatles/Blackbird (one of my favorite lyrics) [Flair pen and found image]


#11 (Mandala with) toy camera scramble [Sharpie pen and colored pencil]



Catching up — Again

I should know better than to take a break of more than a day or so. In no time a week has gone by, and then suddenly it’s three. It’s not as if I haven’t been making things — I’ve written a new story, finished knitting one project (but haven’t blocked it yet), started another (well, more like started it over — three times), put together a pretty darn good Easter dinner, as well as a decent amount of artwork.


I started this early in the month, after getting into serious argument with someone who’s very important to me. I needed to work through my anger and, hopefully, to transform it.  It’s fairly large, 9 X 11, and all done with a fine-point marker. The flower-like section at the top finally appeared  days after I started, along with the hoped-for transformation of my anger. I don’t always name my pieces, but I think this is Tattoo: Growth Out of Rage.