Monthly Archives: June 2015

ICAD 2015 has begun…


Yesterday was the official start of Daisy Yellow’s ICAD (Index Card A Day) 2015 Challenge. 61 cards in 61 days (62 if you count your cover card) — a commitment to do just a little bit of art each and every day.

It’s my second year, and if I learned anything last year it’s that ICAD is both harder and easier than it looks.  Harder — because every day really does mean Every Day, even when your life is a mess and you have way to much to do without having to sit down and make some “art” on a @#!%&! index card. And easier — once you realize that your ICADs don’t need to be Art in the Very Important Words That Start With Capital Letters sense. If ICADs need to be anything, they just need to be art in the learning to express yourself at the moment sense — and sometimes in the learning how art can help you deal with the mess and the too much to do sense as well.

  • Cover — Sharpie pens, Moonlight Gelly Rolls
  • ICAD 1, Chevrons — Sharpie pen, colored pencils
  • ICAD 2, Mandala Monday 1 — Flair pens