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Imperfect circles


Warm up #8 for Daisy Yellow ICAD 2015: very imperfect circles, drawn in Sharpie with my left hand just to sort of fill the page, then some practice blending colored pencils to fill them in and fine Sharpie pen web background.


Top Ten List


I didn’t quite follow Daisy Yellow’s instructions for this warm up — I forgot about the “use a different writing tool for each one” part. (Perhaps I subconsciously did it on purpose — I am so attached to my Sharpie pens and so not a fan of things that require me to follow directions…) But I had fun coming up with the list, and adding the little icons for each — and couldn’t resist adding in the little bits of humor.

Warming Up for ICAD 2015


I did ICAD — Daisy Yellow’s Index Card A Day challenge — for the first time last year.  It’s a great way to ease back into a daily art journal habit, and I’m going to try to do it again this year.  ICAD officially runs through June and July, but some warm-ups are already posted.  My first one is this elaboration on the haiku I wrote for ICAD Warm-up #2.

[Black Sharpie Pen, and my trusty colored pencils]