Comfort Stitches — Quilt Edition

MQPillowtop_1_03 2015

Having finished knitting the Silk Garden scarf, I’ve turned to another form of stitching to keep my hands and mind active.  In a rare flurry of exuberance one snowy weekend this winter, I pieced together some fabrics from my stash into pillow tops, intending to machine quilt and do the rest of the sewing up over the following week.

And of course that didn’t happen. While it would have been nice to have the finished projects by now, the delay gave me time to consider the quilting, both in terms of what I wanted as a result and what I wanted to get out of the process.  I realized I’ve become more drawn to hand-sewing lately. I tend to look forward to hand-stitching hems of garments, and have even turned some silky fabric remnants into scarves with hand-rolled hems. So hand-quilting seemed the way to go with these as well.

It was the right decision. I love the look of the stitches, their smallness and their imperfection. I have been calmed by sensual details of the making of them — the syncopated rhythm, the movement of the needle, the sound of the waxed thread as it slides through the fabric. This will take longer than the original plan, but eventually these pillows will be complete. And when they are, I will have all these memories of their making.


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