Comfort Stitches — Knit Edition

SilkGardenScarf_Spring 2015_1

I made a trip to WEBS in Northampton last December to to pick up some Berroco Remix for my annual make-one-for-everyone project. (This year it was hats — gotta remember to post about those, too.) It’s an incredible store — easily the largest yarn shop I’ve ever been in and really well organized to boot. And then there’s the Back Room, the similarly huge and somewhat  less well-organized home to the clearance and “yard sale” yarns — in balls, skeins and cones on row after row after row of industrial shelving. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool bargain hunter, so this is clearly the best part of the visit for me.

This trip I found a single skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock in the yard sale section and knew immediately that the soft gray, aqua and periwinkle would make a perfect scarf to pair with the pale gray wool coat I wear in early spring. A few weeks ago I found the perfect pattern — a simple lace scarf that was nearly made for the yarn and a teeny-tiny bit more challenging than my go-to garter stitch comfort knit. I had to rip it back a few times — okay, quite a few — when I lost concentration and botched even the teeny-tiny challenging part. But it was worth it, both in terms of the product and the impact on my mental state. Seeing a simple effort grow row-by-row into something beautiful gives me comfort and confidence — a sense of self-worth.

The knitting’s done, I will wet-block it tonight — can’t wait to see its fully-stretched lacy glory.


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