It’s a Two-fer! Messing Around + Project Project Runway 13, Episode 12

This weekend I treated myself to a trip to the local “real” art supply store in the city and (among other things) bought some Inktense pencils. I’d never been happy with the results with my craft-store watercolor pencils, and had been itching to try the Inktense for a while.  Oh, boy — the color and the possibilities! My only disappointment was that I hadn’t acquired them sooner…


I didn’t have any immediate plans for this page beyond seeing what the pencils could do, but then serendipity struck in the form of Project Project Runway.  This week’s Challenge was to Create a look that is street chic, something  that can be worn everyday of the week, but is fashionable and progressive.

I reproduced my original art print in a reduced scale for the “canvas” short coat, worn over classic street-chic black knits: mock turtle tee, pencil skirt and leggings, and topped off with a cozy tomato red muffler in bulky mohair.  Operetta’s sense of drama gave the look real presence on the runway!

PPR 13 Ep 12 cropped

The judges were all impressed by the original fabric. Zac praised my good sense to let it speak for itself with a simple design; Heidi loved the colors and could see it over other things, from jeans to maybe even a gown; Nina used the word “editorialNo winners this challenge, only “in” or “out” — I think this look would have put me on the IN side of the equation.


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