Project Project Runway 13, Episode 10: Muse (Not) on the Street

Here’s the directions for the Challenge, straight from the post on Just Crafty Enough: On the show the designers were sent to a park where they had to pick someone to be their muse and convince them to have a complete makeover. For our purposes, we are asking you to pick a muse from your life, it can be a friend, family member or even yourself, anyone you think could use a fashion makeover. Then design a new look for them.

A red-haired acquaintance of mine celebrated her wedding anniversary over the weekend; just hours before she still didn’t know what she could wear for a big night out featuring fancy drinks in tall-stemmed glasses, a delicious meal and — believe it or not — a gondola ride.  Next year, she and her husband will be celebrating a Very Significant Anniversary, so my makeover focused on a look for that even-more-special occasion.  She’s really into goddesses, handcrafts and deep, passionate pinks, so I designed this goddess-inspired dress in an almost-sheer magenta print that looks like a magnified handweave and focuses attention on her absolutely magnificent, er, chest.  She’ll be wearing some kick-ass gladiator pumps and one of her own handmade necklaces with a symbolic pendant. The Mary Kay makeup artists brought a glow to her already-porcelain complexion and, as a special treat, I talked the hair stylists into supplementing her brilliantly colored but thin and fine hair with extensions — because I know that’s a big beauty fantasy of hers.

PPR 13 Ep 10 Muse Dress cropped

PPR 13 Ep 10 Muse Shoe cropped

Heidi loves all the chest exposure and the nearly sheer fabric; she can see how happy my girl is with all her hair, so she gives the whole thing a thumbs up. Nina says the look isn’t editorial in the least, but it’s definitely on the mark for the challenge.  Zac says the design isn’t as original as it might have been, but agrees that it makes the muse happy and she looks fantastic, so another thumbs up from him.


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