Tangents #7: Pattern Grids

This last Daisy Yellow Tangents and Tactics exercise was a bit addicting, so I ended up doing it twice in over the weekend. Once in Black & White, using my fattest chisel-tip Sharpies, plus my new favorite dip pen and white ink for the text on a single cut-from-a magazine-page shiny black square. (Note to the observant:  The over-sized initial letter of text was not intentional; the ink blobbed because I forgot to check the flow, and I decided it would become the pen-and-ink equivalent of have lemons, make lemonade.)

DY B&W Pattern Grid cropped

The color version had an added element of experimentation. Cruising the after-back-to-school clearance racks at a local Target, I came across a set of Yoobi markers, promising that they would be used to draw over each other for patterns that would not bleed. I hadn’t any idea what that could mean — I draw over things all the time with markers to make patterns without bleeding — but they were marked down to $1.48, and who can resists a whole set of chubby markers for under a buck and a half? I thought I’d try them for a color version of the pattern grid tangent — and was absolutely blown away! Five “step 1” super-bright color markers — lime green, orange, red, magenta, and purple — plus a couple of “step 2” markers that were colorless until used over the step 1 markers, changing those into another color completely.  No way to do these justice but on a solid black background.

Flashback to the Psychedelic Sixties, anyone? (Click on image for full effect; click again on details if you dare…)

DY Color Pattern Grid cropped


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