Project Project Runway, Episode 8: The Rainway

The challenge this week on Project Project Runway, was to create an avant garde look that can stand up to rain.

PPR 13 Ep 8 Rainway croppedI found a wonderful large scale abstract print vinyl — it was in my stash, actually, a plastic beach kite I bought but never used in PPR Season 12 Episode 3 . The design uses strategically cut sections of the print for a Pop-Art inspired gown with umbrella-shaped elements in the capelet and double overskirt — a very different interpretation from Kini’s winning umbrella-inspired look on the TV version of the Rainway,  My model, Lagoona, who’s part mermaid (check out those darling fins on her forearms!) and practically grew up in the water, didn’t have any problem walking the runway in the drenching rain. She’s known for her signature barefoot runway walk, which was a definite plus on the Rainway.  It also meant I didn’t have to fret over the Perfect Look shoe selection (or lack of it) — we kept her accessories to a jaw-dropping ring with a stone that looked like sunshine glinting through the rain.

PPR 13 Ep 8 ring cropped

Zac liked the use of fabric and construction but wished I’d taken the design a little further to the edge to be truly avant garde.  Nina was crazy about the fabric, and could see a very editorial shot in the magazine with the overskirts channeling the water away from her feet.  Heidi would have gotten rid of the capelet and wished the skirt was shorter.  (Doesn’t she always?)  I think I’d be safe again this week, in large part due to the way I used the awesome fabric.


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