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Tangents #7: Pattern Grids

This last Daisy Yellow Tangents and Tactics exercise was a bit addicting, so I ended up doing it twice in over the weekend. Once in Black & White, using my fattest chisel-tip Sharpies, plus my new favorite dip pen and white ink for the text on a single cut-from-a magazine-page shiny black square. (Note to the observant:  The over-sized initial letter of text was not intentional; the ink blobbed because I forgot to check the flow, and I decided it would become the pen-and-ink equivalent of have lemons, make lemonade.)

DY B&W Pattern Grid cropped

The color version had an added element of experimentation. Cruising the after-back-to-school clearance racks at a local Target, I came across a set of Yoobi markers, promising that they would be used to draw over each other for patterns that would not bleed. I hadn’t any idea what that could mean — I draw over things all the time with markers to make patterns without bleeding — but they were marked down to $1.48, and who can resists a whole set of chubby markers for under a buck and a half? I thought I’d try them for a color version of the pattern grid tangent — and was absolutely blown away! Five “step 1” super-bright color markers — lime green, orange, red, magenta, and purple — plus a couple of “step 2” markers that were colorless until used over the step 1 markers, changing those into another color completely.  No way to do these justice but on a solid black background.

Flashback to the Psychedelic Sixties, anyone? (Click on image for full effect; click again on details if you dare…)

DY Color Pattern Grid cropped


Project Project Runway, Episode 8: The Rainway

The challenge this week on Project Project Runway, was to create an avant garde look that can stand up to rain.

PPR 13 Ep 8 Rainway croppedI found a wonderful large scale abstract print vinyl — it was in my stash, actually, a plastic beach kite I bought but never used in PPR Season 12 Episode 3 . The design uses strategically cut sections of the print for a Pop-Art inspired gown with umbrella-shaped elements in the capelet and double overskirt — a very different interpretation from Kini’s winning umbrella-inspired look on the TV version of the Rainway,  My model, Lagoona, who’s part mermaid (check out those darling fins on her forearms!) and practically grew up in the water, didn’t have any problem walking the runway in the drenching rain. She’s known for her signature barefoot runway walk, which was a definite plus on the Rainway.  It also meant I didn’t have to fret over the Perfect Look shoe selection (or lack of it) — we kept her accessories to a jaw-dropping ring with a stone that looked like sunshine glinting through the rain.

PPR 13 Ep 8 ring cropped

Zac liked the use of fabric and construction but wished I’d taken the design a little further to the edge to be truly avant garde.  Nina was crazy about the fabric, and could see a very editorial shot in the magazine with the overskirts channeling the water away from her feet.  Heidi would have gotten rid of the capelet and wished the skirt was shorter.  (Doesn’t she always?)  I think I’d be safe again this week, in large part due to the way I used the awesome fabric.

(Warm up for) Tangent #6: Quirky Girls

DY Girl Face practice gridFollowing Daisy Yellow’s tutorial, an index card grid of hastily-sketched girl female faces.  I can’t change the name of the exercise, but in my head, these are not only girls — there are a bunch of women up there as well. I think the one in the fifth column, middle row looks the most like me — my chubby nose and the “but I am smiling” expression on my face in most photographs.

Project Project Runway, Episode 7: Priceless Runway

This week’s challenge was to use a piece of Chopard jewelry as inspiration for an extravagant evening look that would be worn to a gala or other special event.

PPR 13 Ep 7 chopard acorns collageChopard’s delightful colored-diamond pave oak branch, complete with diamond and tsavorite pave leaves and acorns caught my eye the moment I saw it — and the little gemstone spider and web between the bottom leaves pretty much made the choice a no-brainer for me.

PPR 13 Ep 7 chopard dress croppedI designed a simple strapless ballet length gown, constructed in a heavy matte crepe in a deep rust that plays up Merida’s hair and the rust-diamond paved “branch” of the neckpiece. A split neckline showcases the trailing leaves and adorable spider — I made sure the bodice was structured to avoid the peek-a-boob problem experienced by some PR contestants earlier in the season.

After the runway, Nina applauded the unconventional jewelry choice, thought the dress worked well — but could have been a little bit more unconventional as well.  Heidi said the dress wasn’t her personal taste, but it was a sweet design for someone…sweeter — and she loved the spider! Zac, on the other hand, took a good look at the bodice construction and pronounced it superb — and thought the ballet length was an excellent choice, a more formal expression of the trend to longer skirts in day wear.

Safe again…

Previously on Project Project Runway: Episodes 4, 5 and 6

Before I get another week behind, here’s my entries for the last 3 episodes:

Episode 4: In which Kat and Susi at Just Crafty Enough sent us suits made for Ken dolls to remake for our models.  Here’s my before and after:

PPR 13 Ep 4 Suit before-cropped PPR 13 Ep 4 Suit front cropped

Episode 5: In which we designed a red carpet dress for Heidi Klum. I really liked the back of my dress, with twisted straps and draping that conceals a center back slit.

PPR 13 Ep 5 Klum Doom front croppedPPR 13 Ep 5 Klum Doom back cropped

Episode 6: In which we design an alternative wedding gown (and something else for the reception, for bonus points.) My quick-change demure lace-skirted gown to flashy gold sheath dress was designed with my werewolf model in mind.

PPR 13 Ep 6 wedding 1 cropped PPR 13 Ep 6 wedding 2 cropped

Coming up: Red carpet gowns designed to set off red carpet jewellery. I haven’t started yet. I could be in trouble if I don’t make some decisions and get moving on this one.

Tangent #5: Beach Umbrella

DY Beach Umbrella cropped

Another 2-page spread in my re-purposed board book journal, sort of a second-cousin-once- removed from the Daisy Yellow’s Beach Umbrella tutorial.  A tangent-off-a-tangent, I guess — bright colored craft acrylic stripes, oil-pastel shading/highlights, over a black gesso-ed background, dip pen and white ink for between-the-stripes text. More thoughts on my relationship with control over the years, as this has officially become my “control” journal, tentatively named “Boundaries, Edges, Frontiers.”