Project Project Runway, Episode 3: Past, Present and Future

This week’s challenge: Use an inspiration from your past to create a look for the pages of Marie Claire Magazine in 2034. I think having lived through a few more decades of fashion may have  given me an advantage over some of the younger contestants this week, and I decided to use it:  My future fashion design took inspiration from more than one decade of the 20th century.

PPR 13 Ep 3 side cropped

Nearly every one of those decades has given us some sort of super-slim pant, from the ski-pants of the 1960s to the leggings 1980’s (and most every decade ever since) to the current super-skinnies – and I think the 2030’s will as well. I interpreted them and the matching long sleeved top in a stretchy black textured knit, simulating an all-weather heating and cooling fabric of the future. I added a kicky red knit 1960s inspired mini-dress for comfort, fun, and color, and made matching slouch-topped booties – a nod to the slouch socks of the 1980’s. Operetta is a big science fiction fan and rocked the look on the runway!

Heidi loved the length of the dress (of course); Nina didn’t hate it, but couldn’t resist a snarky Star-Trek-Red-Shirt comment; Zac liked the fabrics of the future idea and thought the design was wearable – at the very least, I think I’m safe again this week


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