Project Project Runway, Ep. 2: Unconventional Movie Night

This week’s challenge was to use movie and movie experience items to create a movie inspired look, including things found in a concession stand plus those used by people who make movies in things like the lighting, costume, and props departments

Well, I’m telling you that there aren’t a whole lot of items in the last part of that sentence that translate very well into doll-sized designs except for things from the concession stand, and by that I mean candy wrappers in particular. At doll-scale, they’re pretty much a fabric-equivalent, which the PR judges aren’t fond of.  And they’re never fond of designs that come off as costume-y. (except sometimes on avant-garde challenges, which this wasn’t.)

My sculptural dress, pieced from Kit-Kat and Red Vines wrappers, was inspired by trendy graphic print dresses. One my model of the week, Cleo DeNile, it does come off a little like Wonder Woman’s cocktail dress, but I’m hoping the fit and construction would impress the judges enough to keep me at least safe.

PPR 13 Ep 2 Movie Nite



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