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Tangent #4: Grid

DY Grid croppedI’ve started a new art journal in an old children’s book. The heavy cardboard pages are just right for messing around with paints — they don’t bend or curl, which means I can really slap it on and work things over and over and over again if that seems to be the right thing to do.

My response to Daisy Yellow’s 4th Tangent tutorial, is this grid collage, painted over a two-page spread,  It’s probably a little neater and controlled than directed by the tutorial, but a lot less so than my typical comfort zone. I used bright blue and yellow Cray-Pas to make the smudgy edges — from an ancient box in my stash, originally a gift from my father, who passed away 30 years ago.


New Series: Obsolete Business Card Project

The final days of Daisy Yellow’s ICAD challenge coincided with a milestone in my personal one:  a long-awaited promotion at work. Beyond new expectations and responsibilities, this also meant…new business cards! So I found myself most of a box of now-obsolete cards with my old title, which coincided with discovery of a box of business thank-you notes left behind in a drawer by a former occupant of my office, also now obsolete. (The notes, not the former occupant — I’m sure he’s fully functional, somewhere.)

This serendipity provided the inspiration for the Obsolete Business Card project, hereafter known as OBCs. They’re at once larger and smaller than ICADS, and seem to work best when the two parts are distinct yet conected.

OBC 1a cropped

OBC #1 [like to play]

Dylusion spray inks, Sharpie, magazine/postcard snippings, prepped background snipping (watercolor pencils?), pre-inked stamp, tulle.

Project Project Runway, Episode 3: Past, Present and Future

This week’s challenge: Use an inspiration from your past to create a look for the pages of Marie Claire Magazine in 2034. I think having lived through a few more decades of fashion may have  given me an advantage over some of the younger contestants this week, and I decided to use it:  My future fashion design took inspiration from more than one decade of the 20th century.

PPR 13 Ep 3 side cropped

Nearly every one of those decades has given us some sort of super-slim pant, from the ski-pants of the 1960s to the leggings 1980’s (and most every decade ever since) to the current super-skinnies – and I think the 2030’s will as well. I interpreted them and the matching long sleeved top in a stretchy black textured knit, simulating an all-weather heating and cooling fabric of the future. I added a kicky red knit 1960s inspired mini-dress for comfort, fun, and color, and made matching slouch-topped booties – a nod to the slouch socks of the 1980’s. Operetta is a big science fiction fan and rocked the look on the runway!

Heidi loved the length of the dress (of course); Nina didn’t hate it, but couldn’t resist a snarky Star-Trek-Red-Shirt comment; Zac liked the fabrics of the future idea and thought the design was wearable – at the very least, I think I’m safe again this week

Tangent #1: Starburst

DY Starburst 080714 cropped

Daisy Yellow may have hooked me again with her Tangents and Tactics series. My Starburst is on the muted side, a bit more introspective feeling than the vivid Daisy Yellow demo version. It has a bit more of a swirling movement as well, which I think was fitting for the the journal portions — circling thoughts on a series of recurrent dreams.

Project Project Runway, Ep. 2: Unconventional Movie Night

This week’s challenge was to use movie and movie experience items to create a movie inspired look, including things found in a concession stand plus those used by people who make movies in things like the lighting, costume, and props departments

Well, I’m telling you that there aren’t a whole lot of items in the last part of that sentence that translate very well into doll-sized designs except for things from the concession stand, and by that I mean candy wrappers in particular. At doll-scale, they’re pretty much a fabric-equivalent, which the PR judges aren’t fond of.  And they’re never fond of designs that come off as costume-y. (except sometimes on avant-garde challenges, which this wasn’t.)

My sculptural dress, pieced from Kit-Kat and Red Vines wrappers, was inspired by trendy graphic print dresses. One my model of the week, Cleo DeNile, it does come off a little like Wonder Woman’s cocktail dress, but I’m hoping the fit and construction would impress the judges enough to keep me at least safe.

PPR 13 Ep 2 Movie Nite


…And the next one

I know, I know — I’m a mandala-holic. They’re my go-to, fall-back, and place-of-comfort. This one’s from Monday night, after a busy day of meetings in the city, a long commute home, tired and still not able to fall asleep.

LastNightsMandala 080514

Right now I like it the way it is, but I’m still not sure if it’s done. The more I look at it, the more I’m leaning to leaving it alone.

ICAD 2014: #61 One Last Mandala

This one’s self-explanatory…

ICAD 2014 # 61_The Last Mandala - Cropped

Thanks, Tammy Garcia!