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ICAD 2014: Catching Up #2: Mandala Set

Even though I tried a lot of different things this month, mandalas will probably always be the thing I draw for concentration, meditation, for bringing myself to a place of safety and serenity.  Here’s a some of the mandala ICADs I did in July — I dated many of them prominently because I was trying to keep track of the days when I really needed what they bring me.

ICAD 2014 July Mandala Set


ICAD — Catching up#1: The Necessary Roughness Set

Well, I’ve done it again, and now I need to do what I always do — catch back up again. I have been keeping up with my ICADs, but posting them? Not so much…

ICAD 2014 July Necessary Roughness Set

This is a set I did earlier in the month, playing with texture, and purposefully avoiding the use of black fine point markers and colored pencils (my go-to media.)  Instead, the Necessary Roughness set includes lots of paint, stamping (including stamping directly from the pad), magazine page paste-up, and even a card I turned into a little loom and wove with bits of yarns and thread. I’ll have to admit the last is my favorite — it’s even go me thinking about doing some weaving on a larger scale (and drooling over looms.)


Born on the Fourth of July



She would have been 84 today. She liked have a backyard picnic on Independence Day, downplaying the fact that it was also her birthday. She had a big heart, but also a deep well of sorrow. She taught me to sew and to knit, two things I’ve relied on to bring me back to a sense of serenity,  a place she so often struggled to find herself. But when she was happy, she glowed.

This picture was taken in 1951, just after she and Dad moved to California while he was in the Navy.   We call it, affectionately, “The Mom-ster that Ate San Francisco.”