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Traveling Art Kit Is Traveling

I decided to simplify my take-along art kit for this trip — just my go-to colored pencils and black felt tip pens in this cool stand-up zip case plus index cards and 3x3s in a re-purposed passport holder. So far it’s been working great; I’m especially pleased with the set of twist-up colored pencils I picked up last week just before leaving.  Yes, they’re Crayola, but at under $6 for a set of 24 and no need for a sharpener — what’s not to like?



Can’t go home again

I mean, you actually can, but once you get there, you realize that you can’t.


You know what I mean?

[Fine point marker and colored pencils (are you surprised?), 5×8 index card for ICAD Warm Up #2, Haiku #1]

The Big Clean-Up — Phase 1

I actually got this done a week ago, but life has been intervening with a vengeance and posting the results of my drawing table clean-up sort of slipped down the list of priorities.

This is the before picture. It’s got a hint of the expanse of clutter existing beyond the boundaries of the boundaries of the frame. If that prospect scares you — well, just don’t think about it…


To be perfectly clear: those copy paper boxes are full, and not just sitting in front of the desk — there are other boxes filling up the entire nee hole of the desk.  Along the windowsill, my Project Project Runway finale collection from 2013, plus Cleo De Nile, waiting for her turn to walk the runway.

And here’s the after version — not the most in-focus picture but the difference is apparent.

Knee hole with space for actual knees!

Handy and organized drawing implements!

Space to actually draw!


And along the back, the stash of index cards I knew I already had, neatly stowed in a special index card storage box I’d completely forgotten about. (With a ready-to-be-filed practice card…er…ready to be filed…)