Catching up — Again

I should know better than to take a break of more than a day or so. In no time a week has gone by, and then suddenly it’s three. It’s not as if I haven’t been making things — I’ve written a new story, finished knitting one project (but haven’t blocked it yet), started another (well, more like started it over — three times), put together a pretty darn good Easter dinner, as well as a decent amount of artwork.


I started this early in the month, after getting into serious argument with someone who’s very important to me. I needed to work through my anger and, hopefully, to transform it.  It’s fairly large, 9 X 11, and all done with a fine-point marker. The flower-like section at the top finally appeared  days after I started, along with the hoped-for transformation of my anger. I don’t always name my pieces, but I think this is Tattoo: Growth Out of Rage.   


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