Blue and Yellow; Haiku, too

Combining a couple of challenges on these  — two more color-themed pages for Daisy Yellow’s Creative Experiments plus a personal haiku project.


This blue page started as an experiment in background painting inspired by the clipping tucked in at the bottom of the photo — liquid acrylics across the page, graduated from top to bottom, dark to light, topped by jabs of full strength colors; then a generous spray of water over the top to take the edge off. It turned out to be a bit too much water, so I took the opportunity to create a second page by pressing a clean paper over the top. I incorporated a square of that brighter pattern into the final page as a less literal depiction of the haiku’s “bolt out of the blue(s)”.


Working this tribute to my childhood favorite color (sharpie pen, all my yellow-named colored pencils, with a wash of yellow watercolor over it all to finish) caused me to confront the fact that  a big part of me wished for the pure happiness that it used to give me. 


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