Just looking at this makes me smile


I’ve been doing a lot of loose journal pages lately, and needed to come up with a way to store and protect them. I spent a good part of Sunday making this portfolio — hunting through my (much-to-huge-for-someone-who-really-doesn’t-quilt-much) stash of quilting cottons, sketching the design, cutting and strip-quilting the pieces together.  It’s big — 9 x 15 inches — and the inside pocket (see below) should be able to accommodate at least an inch and a half stack of pages.


Now — what to do with the index cards and 3 x 3s?


One response to “Just looking at this makes me smile

  • QuinnCreative

    There are boxes you can find and decorate (or use as-is), paper portfolios you can surface decorate and stitch, envelopes you can make or find, books you can re-purpose, and a thousand more ideas. You’ve got a beautiful portfolio there. I love the color combination with just the right patterns.

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