Monthly Archives: February 2014

Blue and Yellow; Haiku, too

Combining a couple of challenges on these  — two more color-themed pages for Daisy Yellow’s Creative Experiments plus a personal haiku project.


This blue page started as an experiment in background painting inspired by the clipping tucked in at the bottom of the photo — liquid acrylics across the page, graduated from top to bottom, dark to light, topped by jabs of full strength colors; then a generous spray of water over the top to take the edge off. It turned out to be a bit too much water, so I took the opportunity to create a second page by pressing a clean paper over the top. I incorporated a square of that brighter pattern into the final page as a less literal depiction of the haiku’s “bolt out of the blue(s)”.


Working this tribute to my childhood favorite color (sharpie pen, all my yellow-named colored pencils, with a wash of yellow watercolor over it all to finish) caused me to confront the fact that  a big part of me wished for the pure happiness that it used to give me. 


More pages for the Inspiration Journal


I’ve been down with a nasty cold. Haven’t had a lot of energy, but paging through old magazines and snipping stuff out for the inspiration journal didn’t take to much.  The more I played with laying out the pieces on the page, the more the pages started to look like something more.  I’m really happy with what happened to the page with all the crazy ’60s-sty;e patterns. For right now it’s become the “cover” page in this journal, but it may end up as something more.

Waste Not, Want Not


I’ve been playing with knives and gouges to carve 4 new stamps (CE #11) — crescent moon, stacked triangles, single squiggle and wavy-lined block. Over the weekend I made a test page to see how they worked together, and liked it so much that I had to take it all the way.  (pigment ink pad, colored pencils, sharpie)

The (almost not) Red Mandala


(Black fine line Prismacolor marker + every red-named colored pencil* I own)

Creative Experiments #9  — first of…several

It’s a waste of time to think that if you colored a painting red what might have happened if you painted it black. –Yoko Ono

I was disappointed in this MANDALA at first, because it looked too PINK — but I read what Yoko said and stayed with it.  After a while it looked GOOD to me, and then it also looked RED. I need to remember to see things THROUGH and to see their own special BEAUTY. 

I do a lot of these “coloring book” mandalas — black inked outlines first, generally all in one sitting, which I later fill in with colored pencils. I don’t think I’ve ever made one this large (9×12) before; most often I use index cards, which I carry with me everywhere.  The center of my mandalas are red, almost without exception, but for this one I used a brilliant emerald green for a striking contrast to all the reds everywhere else.

* Ruby, Cerise, Cardinal, Raspberry, Cherry, Poppy…and of course, (plain old) Red

Just looking at this makes me smile


I’ve been doing a lot of loose journal pages lately, and needed to come up with a way to store and protect them. I spent a good part of Sunday making this portfolio — hunting through my (much-to-huge-for-someone-who-really-doesn’t-quilt-much) stash of quilting cottons, sketching the design, cutting and strip-quilting the pieces together.  It’s big — 9 x 15 inches — and the inside pocket (see below) should be able to accommodate at least an inch and a half stack of pages.


Now — what to do with the index cards and 3 x 3s?

Closing January on an Inspired Note


After considering several options, I’m going with this re-purposed (i.e., saved from the dumpster at work) clear-covered ring binder as inspiration journal. I like the way the top page shows through and becomes the cover — inspiration immediately visible.  I also like the idea of being able to bring change my decision about what page sits on top and becomes the cover. Since the CE required a cover and the start of a first page, here’s 2 pages — 1 for each. This will be a good on-going process for me — it’s already got me thinking.

So that’s CE #7 for 2 points — which means I’ve made my 9 point CE goal for the month.  On to February — I’m aiming at at least another 9 points.