Creative Experiments: January — Down to the Wire


It’s been a while since I pulled out the carving tools — it was almost as hard remembering where I’d stashed them as getting used to using them again.  This was my second try at a signature stamp — the first one fell victim to a few unfortunate slips of the blade.  It’s close to the handwritten signature I like to use but, at an inch by an inch and a half, a little larger than I would like. I think if I practice some more, I might try making another smaller one.  Until then, it’s this one or my old reliable handwritten sig. (CE #3, 2 points)

As planned, I’ve been squeezing in the Coffee-Stained Papers Challenge (CE #6, 1 Point) into odd moments at work.  Here’s the truth of it — my company provides a never-ending supply of free coffee, gallons and gallons of it, and all of it so weak it’s supremely unsuited for staining/printing/painting. The coffee stains are there, but barely visible. But I liked the idea, so I will drag out the espresso maker (after I remember where it is) and try again. 


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