Pink Reaction


I have negative reactions to PINK — I don’t wear it and I tend not to use it in the things I create. It’s probably mostly a reaction to the way so many other people think of it — the whole pink-is-for-girls thing that makes it pretty much mandatory and predominant in the wardrobes of so many underage females.  It’s not pink’s fault, which makes me feel foolish for not liking the color itself when it’s really other people’s ideas about it I have a problem with.

This journal page has a background of circular spots of pink cut from swatches taken from magazines.  There are many variations on pink in it, and I like some of the spots better than others. When the background was first completed, my first thought was “It’s like pink crystals in a geode” but the next was “or an open wound.” I played with words to add to the page and in the end cut what I wanted to say to a single statement that was about my own reaction, without placing any blame on pink itself.


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