Creative Experiments: January Update

Update on CE #1: {1 point} Make a plan for making art this month. It’s been a challenge to implement my plan to get in 4 solid hours dedicated to art per week.  I’ve ended up shoehorning art in whenever I can — 15 or 30 minutes of fully-focused art time here and there, plus time spent ripping color swatches and inspiration images from magazines while catching up on Grimm and Sleepy Hollow on TV, and drawing index card mandalas during conference calls at work.  Sundays are catch-up time for a lot of things in addition to art, but I do usually get a solid hour or two of art time in all the same. 


CE #2: {2 points} Do a new-to-you creative technique or project. I did some printing with paint and bubble wrap (among other things). Considering the amount of bubble wrap I’ve saved up over the years intending to print with it, I’d never actually done it. In the pages shown here, I used it 2 different ways — one page brushed in red first with the bubble wrap pressed into it (now barely visible under marks made with other things); another using the same bubble wrap to transfer its load of red paint to a blank page, then spraying with a fine mist of water to loosen things up.  I think the first will be used in pieces added to other pages, and the second will be used whole as foundation for a journal page.

I’m working on a list of creative books to read in 2014 (CE #5 {1 point}). I have an entire bookshelf of hard copy books in my workroom, and a bunch more on my Kindle. I want to come up with a short list of 4-5 books: some that get me thinking more about process as well as some to sharpen my skills or experiment with new ones. Also on the agenda for this week:  Carving an eraser stamp (CE #3 {2 point}) and the start of an official inspiration journal (CE #7 {2 points}).

And messing around with brown caffeinated beverages (CE #6 {1 point}) — could anything be more perfect for my art-at-conference-call time?



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