Creative Experiments Challenge: January #1

I’m ba-ack (finally) — and I’m joining Daisy Yellow’s Creative Experiments Challenge as a way to jumpstart my creative energy!

This month’s Creative Experiment #1  (for 1 point) is to make a plan for making art this month.  Between my more-than-full-time job and the time I already sequester for my writing, making time for art can be a challenge. But when I don’t do it, there’s an ache and an elusive emptiness I can’t get rid of any other way. I’ve made a lot of plans over the years, and followed through on maybe 10% of them. Lately I’ve gotten better at figuring out plans that make sense for me: Not crazy ambitious, but enough that success feels good. Flexible enough to give me options, but enough definition to keep me focused.

So here’s my just-ambitious-enough, flexible-yet-defined plan:  I will devote a total of at least four hours a week to making art. That could be at least one hour on one weekday evening a week plus at least three hours on the weekend, or an hour a day four days a week, or a half hour for six days and a full hour on the seventh.  If by Sunday I haven’t spent at least four hours on art, I will get the rest in then, even if it’s the whole four hours — before I can go to bed.  (Actually not a bad way to spend a Sunday evening, now that I think of it…)



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